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China - Twentieth Century

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Hong Kong, Chinese Charim...

How China Became Capitalist

The Future of Democracy in China (Collier's Magazine, 1945)

Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek stepped up to the plate and answered nine questions that were put to him by COLLIER'S editor Henry La Cossitt, concerning the future of democracy in China.


A Pox on Both Your Houses... (Pathfinder Magazine, 1950)

Washington's growing impatience and distrust with both Chiang Kai-shek's island nation and the communist thugs on the mainland was reaching the high-water mark during the earliest days of 1950 when President Truman's Secretary of State Dean Acheson (1893 1971) presented that administration's China policy:

"No official military aid for Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek's Chinese Nationalist government, either on the island of Formosa [Taiwan] or anywhere else. No hasty recognition of the Communist Chinese government of Mao Zedong. No attempt to stop further Russian advances in Asia except through 'friendly encouragement' to India, French Indo-China, Siam, Burma and the new United States of Indonesia..."


Reversals for Chiang Kai-shek (Pathfinder Magazine, 1949)

The years 1927 through 1947 has largely been remembered as a victorious era for the Chinese Nationalists in their struggle against the Communist rebels under Mao Zedong (1893 1976). However, following Mao's 1947 retreat to Manchuria and the subsequent training and reforms that took place within his army, the Nationalist Chinese troops began to feel the humiliation of defeat until they made good their "strategic withdrawal" to Formosa (ie. Taiwan), where they have remained ever since.

This single page article goes into greater detain outlining the chronology of events.


Truman's China Policy for 1951 (Pathfinder Magazine, 1951)


Washington Weighs in on China (Pathfinder Magazine, 1949)

Seasoned Washington journalist Felix Morley (1894 1982) discussed the complicated issues involved in the diplomatic recognition of Communist China:

"All the obvious arguments are against recognition. The Red regime in China has imprisoned our official representatives, confiscated American property, flouted and insulted us in a dozen different ways."

"But in recent years we have mixed up diplomatic recognition and moral approval. The absurd result is that we recognize Russia and not Spain, and are at present opposed to recognizing China even though we fear that may be cutting off our nose to spite Stalin's face."


China: The Pity of It (Saturday Review of Literature, 1933)

The review of J.O.P. Bland's China - The Pity Of It was written by Henry Kittredge Norton:

"Mr. Bland (1863 1945) has known his China for a third of a century and he is convinced that if that unhappy country has moved at all in the last three decades, it has moved backwards...Without relieving the Chinese of their share of the responsibility in the premises, the half-baked liberalism of the west - by which is meant Great Britain and the United States for the most part -is found to be the chief cause of expanding disaster in China..."

Strange Rebels: 1979 and the Birth of the 21st Century


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