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European Royalty Articles - Duke of Windsor Articles

The Windsors in Wonderland (Coronet Magazine, 1953)

Iles Brody, author of "Gone with the Windsors", was no fan of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, but before he began to outline all their various faults in the attached essay, he first wanted to make one aspect of their history quite clear:

"The true story of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor cannot be told without clarifying one point right at the beginning: there was only one man who forced Edward VIII off the throne: himself.
Yet millions have been led to believe that Prime Minister and Primate got together with the peers and, with the help of the British press, compelled the King to abandon his hereditary trust."


Was Their Marriage Legal? (Confidential Magazine, 1954)

"Edward literally thumbed his royal nose at the Royal Marriage Act, ignored a legal waiting period and was wed by an unfrocked minister".

Mention is also made of the two known adulterous liaisons that took place during Mrs Simpson's second marriage.


What Might Have Been? (Coronet Magazine, 1953)

"The Duke of Windsor is now 59. He has arrived at that age when a man begins to weigh his life and all that he has done with it...What can he remember? That having come to the throne the most beloved of all princes, the darling of a nation that would have followed him through hell-fire; he threw away the tiresome restraints of kingship, to gain what?"


Henpecked (Coronet Magazine, 1953)

Assorted snide stories of the Duke of Windsor and the world and the man he became:

"It is both sad and amusing to see a former King of England reduced by the woman he loves to a 'Little Man', to the rank of a meek husband. What should one do, laugh or cry, when one looks at the ex-Caesar in the role of handbag-carrier, a sort of walking ornament..."


The World he Made for Himself (Coronet Magazine, 1953)

"The 'real' world into which the Duke has entered by his 'own' free will is international café society, that glittering, gilded bubble floating above the stormy seas of history...The Duke lives a rather different life. An hour or so with one of those American businessmen he admires, following tips on the market, looking over the quotations in stocks and bonds, and he has nothing to trouble about for the day, or the next month or so, until another empty hour obtrudes itself in the almost ceaseless round of pleasure like a hole in time waiting to be plugged by something, anything."

Available at Amazon: Gone with the Windsors


Stuck in Nassau (Click Magazine, 1941)

The article attached herein concerns the diplomatic posting to Nassau, Bahamas that was the lot of the Duke of Windsor shortly after the outbreak of World War Two. The Duke and Duchess had met Hitler some two years earlier and, following that error, were overheard on a few occasions making defeatist statements. Wishing to keep him in a spot where he could do no damage and still be monitored, the British Foreign Office granted him the title of "Royal Governor" and posted him to Nassau.
Illustrated by four seldom-seen color photographs that, no doubt, the two were simply delighted to pose for, the interview makes clear just how bored the Windsors were on that hot, sticky island paradise where they remained until the end of the war.

One month later, the Duke would make his Nazi sympathies apparent to one and all in an interview that appeared on the pages of the March 12, 1941 issue of LIBERTY MAGAZINE.

(A reader pointed out that the source information was not posted on the attached image file; please know that this article first appeared on the tenth page of the February, 1941 issue of CLICK MAGAZINE)


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