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Food and Wine

James Beard on Cheese (Gentry Magazine, 1957)

"It can be soft, hard, sweet, sour, hot, cold, pungent or bland.
It comes in various shapes and many colors.
It can be inodorous or effuvious.
It is known in every country, to every tongue."
"Whatever its shape, hue, scent or nationality it is one of the most ancient,
most honorable of foods and it is called cheese."
A wise man once said "A Meal Without Cheese is Like a Beautiful Woman with One Eye".


Selecting the Wine and Cheese (Gentry Magazine, 1957)

Food writer Sam Aaron (1911 – 1996) let loose a slew of his well researched thoughts on the matter of how well cheese and wine complement one another and provided us with a helpful list of which type of wines harmonize best with certain cheeses:

"With Italian cheeses, such as Taleggio Cheese or Provolone, I like a delicate red wine made near Verona called Bardolino. Frank Schoonmaker


James Beard on Champagne (Gentry Magazine, 1955)

This article, by celebrated chef James Beard (1903 – 1985), walks us through the history of Champagne as only a true lover of food and wine can do:

"Not until around 1670 was a way discovered to imprison those tantalizing bubbles in every bottle, and keep the bottle from exploding. Credit for inventing sparkling Champagne is attributed, inaccurately perhaps, to a Benedictine monk named Dom Perignon...It is said that as an old, blind man, Dom Perignon could sniff a glass of Champagne, sip it, swish it about his mouth, and then unfailingly say from what hillside the grapes had come..."


Good Coffee Comes to America (Gentry Magazine, 1953)

Today we think nothing of ordering a Caffè Americano, Caffè Latte, Caffè Caramel Macchiato, Caffè Cinnamon Dolce Latte or espresso at one of the semi-respectable eateries in urban America - but to do this in 1953 would have been like asking for green cheese from the Moon. If you wanted to drink that stuff back then, you had to go to Orsini's in a place called "Manhattan".

From Amazon: Coffee Gives Me Superpowers: An Illustrated Book about the Most Awesome Beverage on Earth


Popcorn Finds a Home at the Movies (Quick Magazine, 1952)

Popcorn was introduced as a snack food to American movie-goers as a result of the candy shortages during the earliest years of the Second World War.
Attached is a petite notice documenting the fact that the substitute was a wise one:

"By 1952, movie houses accounted for about one-third of the nation's annual $350 million retail popcorn sales."

Reference is also made to the efforts that were made to secure "noiseless" popcorn bags.

If popcorn replaced sweets on the home front, what replaced steak?


Licorice (Coronet Magazine, 1954)


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