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The Nazis - Adolf Hitler

Carl Jung on Hitler (Omnibook Magazine, 1942)

H.R. Knickerbocker (1898 1949), foreign correspondent for the Hearst papers, recalled a 1938 conversation he had with the noted Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung concerning Adolf Hitler and his broad appeal among the German people:

"Now the secret of Hitler's power is not that Hitler has an unconscious more plentifully stored than yours and mine, Hitler's secret is twofold; first, that his unconscious has exceptional access to his consciousness, and second, that he allows himself to be moved by it. He is like a man who listens intently to a stream of suggestions in a whispered voice from a mysterious source, and then acts upon them... In our case, even if occasionally our unconscious does reach us in dreams, we have too much rationality to obey it - but Hitler listens and obeys. The true leader is always led."

This article appeared in a 1942 issue of OMNIBOOKS as a promotion for Is Tomorrow Hitler's? by H.R. Knickerbocker.

Read a magazine piece that compares the authoritarian addresses of both Hitler and Stalin - maybe you will see how they differed - we couldn't.


What Hitler Wanted (Omnibooks Magazine, 1942)

Hearst reporter H.R. Knickerbocker (1898 1949) had been closely watching Hitler since 1923 and pointed out that on April 29, 1941 the Axis forces had printed a "trial balloon" on the pages of the JAPAN TIMES ADVERTISER that clearly indicated the peace terms that were acceptable to the Nazis.

From Amazon:

Attached is Knickerbocker's outline of this proposal, as well as the correspondent's astute commentary that he had prepared for his 1942 bestseller, Is Tomorrow Hitler's?

From Amazon: Is Tomorrow Hitler's?:


Kaiser Wilhelm Speaks About Hitler (Ken Magazine, 1938)

For the sixth time in his life, KEN MAGAZINE's far-flung correspondent, W. Burkhardt, found himself cast in the roll as guest of the deposed king of Germany, Kaiser Wilhelm II (1859 - 1941). After exchanging pleasantries, their conversation turned to weightier topics, such as contemporary German politics and it was at that time that KEN's man in Doorn recognized his moment:

"Suddenly, sensing a chance I may never have again, I pose the question":
"And yourself, Sire, what do you think of him?"


*Watch Some Clips from 1939 German Television*


Hitler's Last Days in the Bunker (Pageant Magazine, 1960)


Adolf Hitler and the German-Americans (Coronet Magazine, 1941)

This is a fascinating article not simply for what you'll learn about Hitler, but for what you'll additionally learn about the manner in which many Germans tended to view that queerest of hybrids, the "German-Americans".

Long before Hitler came to power, it seemed to have been the Teutonic custom to slander the Germans who resided in the U.S. - and their descendants - as "Dollar Germans": Germans who preferred to make money rather than serve their king. Indeed, Hitler is quoted as saying the United States has been "harboring five generations of slackers". The fifth page of the attached article discusses the Reichsarchive in Hamburg where thousands of files were maintained concerning the loyalties of Americans of German ancestry.

This article was written by Rene Kraus, who had been a diplomat during the Wiemar Republic and a refugee under Hitler.

Click here and you will learn that Kaiser Wilhelm was also bugged by German-Americans.


Adolf Hitler: Ten Years Before his Rise (Literary Digest, 1923)

This article was written shortly after the French occupation of the Ruhr and at a time when Adolf Hitler did not have much of a following -he was something of a curiosity to the Western press:

"A principal reason why Hitler's followers have begun to doubt him, it appears, is that the 'dreaded gathering' of the National Socialists in Munich came and went without 'accomplishment.'"

Click here to read what the Kaiser thought of Adolf Hitler.

Read about the earliest post-war sightings of Hitler: 1945-1955


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