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Womens Suffrage

               Womens Suffrage Film Clips

The Women Voter in Her First Five Elections (Pathfinder Magazine, 1940)

This is an interesting article that indicates just how profoundly elections had changed after 1920, when women began to vote. Previously, when the voting booth was a gender-specific domain intended strictly for that North American species known in academic circles as the Homo Americanus, the victory margins were seldom greater than 10%. Starting with the 1920 presidential election and continuing through the election of 1936, dramatic differences could be seen between the winners and losers.

Written in an imaginative and seemingly fanciful manner that, happily, is no longer admired among American journalists, the article is illustrated with a helpful chart that clarifies any questions you may have about these contests.

The journalist also believed that the advent of radio broadcasting also had a contributing factor in these elections.


25 Years of Voting (Pathfinder Magazine, 1946)

Attached herein are two articles that tell the history of an organization that is still with us today: The League of Women Voters. At its birth, in 1869, it was a bi-partisan organization composed of women who made no stand as to which of the two political parties was superior - preferring instead to simply remind all ambitious candidates that American women were voiceless in all matters political and that this injustice had deprived them of a vibrant demographic group. Since women began voting in 1920, the League of Women Voters began promoting candidates from the Democratic party almost exclusively, while continuing to promote themselves with their pre-suffrage "bi-partisan" street hustle. No doubt, the League of Women Voters is an interesting group worthy of the news but it hasn't been bi-partisan in over seventy years.


The State of Women's Suffrage in 1907 (Harper's Weekly, 1907)

This 1907 article refers to a report made by journalist and suffragist Ida Husted Harper (1851 - 1931), concerning the status of the suffrage movement as it could be found throughout the Western world. A number of interesting issues and seldom remembered concerns are sited throughout this article on the matter of the bullying and boorish ways of those wishing to hamper the advancement of women's suffrage.


Scientific Proof That Women Should Not Be Allowed to Vote (Current Opinion, 1912)

This is a magazine article concerning the well respected British bacteriologist and immunologist Sir Almroth Wright (1861 - 1947) and his belief that women should be denied the vote. Using his scientific training, Wright tended to believe that due to their flawed nature, women were deprived of a proper sense of reasoning, that they were endowed with an inability to keep subjects within a suitable perspective and prone to hypersensitivity.

One year after this article appeared, his scientific findings on this topic were published in his book, The Unexpurgated Case Against Woman Suffrage.


Women Candidates Win Higher Offices (The Literary Digest, 1924)

"The majority of women being natural-born housekeepers, why shouldn't the infinite details of a Governor's office appeal to the female of the species?"

This deep thought was put to the public by the inquisitive souls at The Birmingham 'News' just four years after the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment, which granted American women the right to vote.

The attached article concerns the 1924 elections which saw many American women swept into high political offices all across the fruited plain; it lists all significant offices that would soon be held by women and clearly indicates that the year 1924 ushered in a new era in American political history.

In 1933 FDR named one of these women to serve as Director of the U.S. Mint...


Suffragettes Attack President Wilson (New York Times, 1918)

Here are two remarkably brief letters that were addressed to the editors of THE NEW YORK TIMES commenting on a seldom remembered assault that was launched on President Wilson during the Summer of 1918 by a group of Washington, D.C. suffragettes.

Click here to read about the WAC truck drivers of W.W. II.


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