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A look at the observations made by a correspondent for The London Observer who compared the two dominate tribes found in 1933 Berlin and Moscow.

The writer was far more distracted by the similarities in their street hustle and their sloganeering rather than their shared visions in governance and culture; for example, both Nazis and Communists were attracted to restrictions involving speech, gun ownership and assembly (both public and private) while sharing an equal enthusiasm for May Day parades and the color red. Additionally, both totalitarians had their preferred dupes:

"Absolute ideas invariably demand victims; and the ruthless treatment which is deliberately meted out to Jews in Germany is closely paralleled by the creation in the Soviet Union of a sort of pariah caste of Lishentsy or disenfranchised persons."

Germany never celebrated May Day with public parades until 1933, when Hitler came to power.

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In 1940, the Los Angeles Times book reviewer said that Hitler's memoir was "red"...

Read a magazine piece that compares the authoritarian addresses of both Hitler and Stalin - maybe you will see how they differed - we couldn't.

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Click here to read an article that explains in great detail how the Nazi economic system (with it's wage and price controls) was Marxist in origin.


The Similarities Between  Fascists and Bolsheviks  (The Literary Digest, 1933)

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