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Carnal Knowledge

The Link Between Sex and Happiness (Pageant Magazine, 1961)

"Ever since Sigmund Freud came right out and said in public print that sex is important to happiness, people have been wondering: How important?"

So begins the attached article by the noted psychiatrist Edrita Fried, who expanded upon her introductory sentence by clarifying that Freud never taught that this happiness was entirely dependent upon sex. In the four pages that followed, Dr. Fried illustrated the issue of sex and happiness with assorted case studies from her own caseload, concluding that:

"The achievement of happiness and true sexual fulfillment makes strange demands on us... but no sensible person would say they are too great for the reward they offer."

Somewhat recent surveys on this same topic were conducted by the Social Indicators Research Journal, their findings can be read by clicking the title link above.


Sex During the Second World War

"At the beginning of World War II, our army was a mixture of callow boys and and domesticated men. The older men were homesick for wives and children, the younger men felt themselves on the verge of an adventure they didn't quite understand. While most were unsure of themselves, their need for women was painfully apparent...There were plenty of lonely wives, too, and it soon became evident that a fair number of them were committed to the belief that continence was bad for women."

British girls tended to feel that American GIs were sub-standard lovers - read about it here...

From Amamzon: Sex and the American GI in World War II France


The Sexuality of American Women (Pageant Magazine, 1946)

An article that examines the once highly guarded chastity of American women between the years 1912 through 1946:

• Of the women who married before 1912 - 12 percent were non-virgins upon marriage

• Of the women who married during or immediately after W.W. I - 26 percent were non-virgins upon marriage

• Of the women who married between 1922 and 1931 - 49 percent were non-virgins upon marriage

• Of the women who married between 1932 and 1937 - 68 percent were non-virgins upon marriage


Risqué Graphics Come of Age (On the QT, 1960)

The Sexual Revolution began slowly building with the release of the Kinsey Report (read about that here) in 1948 and from that point on more and more mainstream magazines began publishing articles about sexual concerns: adultery, frigidity and homosexuality. This article concerns the changing aesthetic that was taking place in American pop-cultural imagery during the late Fifties to early Sixties. For the first time ever, large numbers of American art directors employed by record labels, ad firms and publishing houses were interested in using images featuring scantily clad women. The author also touches upon the general lust that the American male was experiencing for girly nudes between 1950 and 1960 - never before had there been so many companies willing to send pornography by mail and never before had there been so many men placing the orders.


MY LIFE AS A PROSTITUTE (Ken Magazine, 1938)

"A prostitute, intrigued by the monotony of her customers' questions, talks straight about her job. The hours, earnings, hazards, pleasures, advantages, drawbacks, opportunities for promotion, etc."

"Get a kick out of it? Sure - why not? That is, at least once or twice a day. It all depends on the customer. With some people you just naturally click. However, if we take our work seriously we pretend we like it - a clientele is the thing...If it's a frowzy guy with buck teeth and B.O. we hustle him through as fast as we can and hope never to see him again."

Click here to read about prostitution in the 1950s.

Click here to read a news piece about a prostitution blackmail scam that the L.A. mobster Micky Cohen had going in 1949 Hollywood.

*Watch a Funny Film Clip About This Most Ancient of Professions*


The Nature of Adultery (Pageant Magazine, 1960)

The greatest shock, the most devastating catastrophe in marriage is the discovery of adultery; this act of betrayal through the centuries has broken hearts, ruined lives, filled the prisons and launched a million country songs. This five page article on the subject was written by Albert Ellis (1913 – 2007), respected psychologist and eminent scholar on matters of love and sex. The article is addressed to women, but the straight forward manner of writing will speak to troubled men just as clearly.

Click here to read about an "adultery detective"


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