Unearthed After
Eighty-Five Years in the

unique history
of the
World War

has surfaced!

The War Edition of The Poster

– Published in 1920,
by those who planned
and participated
in one of the
first major publicity
and advertising campaigns
of the modern era,

this booklet is a must-read
for those who wish to
have a full understanding
of all that went into the
creation and distribution of
the American posters
of World War I.

The answers to the following
questions will be found within
it’s pages:

Which well loved American
artist served as the Director of
the Division of Pictoral Publicity
How much freedom were
the artists allowed
How many different causes
within the war effort were served
How many different posters
and billboards were produced
How effective was the poster campaign
Who coordinated this massive effort
and how many agencies of the
U.S. Government were involved

An exact
photographic reproduction of the
War Souvenir Edition of The Poster
can be downloaded now
for $3.00

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