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World War One - Prelude

WW1 German Artillery

When the U.S. Navy Got A Little Larger... (Current Literature, 1912)

This article heralds the construction of two American battleships that would later become famous for the rolls they played during the Second World War. Both ships, U.S.S. Oklahoma and U.S.S. Nevada, would be commissioned in 1916 and assigned to the Atlantic Fleet during the Great War; Oklahoma protected convoys and later, in 1919, escorted President Wilson to France to the Versailles Treaty.


Arranged Marriages to Seal the Peace in the Balkans (Dress and Vanity Fair Magazine, 1913)

When the attached article first appeared in print the Balkan War (1912 - 1913) was over, however some of the swells of Europe put their crowned heads together and collectively came up with the best Medieval plan they could think of in order to insure the promise of peace in the region.

It was agreed that the Czar's daughter, Grand Duchess Olga (1895 - 1918), would wed Serbia's Crown Prince Alexander (1888 - 1934); while the Czar's second daughter, Grand Duchess Tatiana (1897 - 1918) was promised to Romania's Crown Prince Charles (1893 - 1959). All concerned felt that Romania's Princess Elizabeth (1894-1956) and Crown Prince George of Greece (1890 - 1947) would make a simply splendid couple (they divorced in 1935).


The Death of Edward VII & the Accession George V (Review of Reviews, 1910)

This 1910 article from THE REVIEW OF REVIEWS discusses the "probable effect (that) the change of sovereigns will have upon the present so-called constitutional crises [in Britain]." The writer also concentrates on the subject of Edward VII as diplomat, his thoughts concerning Germany and Austria, his general popularity and his unique relationship with the French. The character of the incoming George V is examined as it relates to the constitutional controversy of 1910.


King Edward VII and Germany (Review of Reviews, 1910)

An article that appeared in DEUTSCH REVIEW in 1910 by Lord Esher (1852 1930) entitled, "King Edward VII and Germany". Published in the last year of Edward's reign, it is plea to prolong that "Indian summer" before the First World War and a declaration of his affection for Germany and the German people as well as his deep support for all disarmament treaties.


Theodore Roosevelt on the Subject of Disarmament Treaties
(Review of Reviews, 1910)

Before there were diplomatic treaties between super powers on thermo-nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles, there was the age of the Dreadnought: how many battleships should a country have? This article concerns the views of a Norwegian statesman named Erik Vullum (1850 1916) and his admiration for former U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt and his understanding of armament arbitration agreements between the major European powers prior to the First World War.


An Islamic View of Western Imperialism (Literary Digest, 1908)

The Indian Muslim scholar Syed Ameer Ali (1849 - 1928) is remembered as a man who, at times, fully recognized that there were indeed some benefits in store for the developing nations serving as colonies with the British Empire; but in the attached 1908 column, the man preferred to only list the damnable qualities of colonization:

"A few years ago 'Spread-eagleism' was used for mere purposes of ridicule; christened 'Imperialism' it has acquired a holy meaning - it sanctions crusades against the liberty of weaker states...England treats her provincials worse than Rome did."

[NOTE: The author of this piece mistakenly assumed Ali to have been a follower of Hinduism.]

An article about the Muslim opinion concerning
Christianity can be read here...


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WW1 Trench Warfare Articles
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