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Hollywood stars continue to be a popular topic for research because of their celebrity status and because of the impact that their characters can have on society. While the types of media that report on actors and actresses have changed to some extent over the years, the attention that the media pays to Hollywood stars and other celebrities is not new. Interviews with actors and actresses, as well as movie reviews, appeared in magazines such as Photoplay Magazine and Film Spectator during the 1920s and 1930s, as well as magazines like Vanity Fair that are still in publication today.

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While many of today's periodicals featuring Hollywood stars are available online, this may not be the case with older publications. Whether students are studying communications, film, or events in the history of the United States, they may need to sift through magazine archives to find relevant articles. Initial online research, however, may point to specific magazines or articles without providing copies. While libraries may have archives of some magazines featuring Hollywood stars, researchers may find that they are missing older issues. Researchers may invest a considerable amount of time hunting down these original sources if they believe that they will contribute significantly to their work.

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