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- from Amazon:

The Great Depression and American Communists (Click Magazine, 1939)

This photo-essay tells the story of the radical elements within the United States during the later period of the Great Depression - all of them were directed and financed by Georgi Dimitrov (1882 - 1949) in far-off Moscow. The leaders of the American Communist Party USA (CPUSA) were William Z. Foster, Earl Browder, and Ella Reeve Bloor.

In 1944, the city of Seattle, Washington elected a communist to the U.S. House of Representatives, click here to read about him...

Click here to learn how thoroughly the FBI had infiltrated the CPUSA.

Click here to read about an American woman who grew heartily sick of the socialists who pontificated on every street corner during the Great Depression...

Click here to read about the tactics that American Communists used in Hollywood during the Great Depression...

From Amazon: Demagogues in the Depression: American Radicals and the Union Party, 1932-1936,

The Increased Suicide Rate (Literary Digest, 1933)

With the arrival of the Great Depression came an increase in American suicides. When this article appeared on the newsstands the Depression was just three and a half years old - with many more years yet to come. As the Americans saw 1932 come to a close, the records showed that 3,088 more acts of self-immolation had taken place than had been recorded the year before.

Read about the the mood of the Great Depression and how it was reflected in the election of 1932 - click here...

Optimistic Plans Regarding the Use of Cavalry (Collier's 1941 & The Alertmen, 1943)

This illustrated article from an obscure U.S. Army weekly states quite clearly that in light of the successful use of cavalry on the Eastern Front, the U.S. Army was once again training men to fight on horse-back. Referring to the writings of a Soviet General named O.T. Gorodoviko (a probable reference to General O.T. Gorodovikov: 1879 -1960) who had stated in an article written in an undated issue of The Cavalry Journal, that cavalry proved effective in fighting the Nazis when deployed as mounted infantry in limited engagements. The journalist conveyed his enthusiasm that the era of the mounted man was back.

Broadway Theater in Wartime (Yank Magazine, 1945)

New York's Broadway theater scene during World War II:

"Show people will never forget the year 1944. Thousands of men and women from the legitimate theater were overseas in uniform -actors and actresses, writers, scene designers, stage hands - and all looked back in wonderment at what war had done to the business... Letters and newspapers from home told the story. On Broadway even bad shows were packing them in..."

Click here to read a 1946 article about post-war Broadway.

Eleanor Roosevelt and Her Many Firsts (The Literary Digest, 1937)

This magazine article explains what a unique force in presidential history Eleanor Roosevelt was. She defied convention in so many ways and to illustrate this point, this anonymous journalist went to some length listing fifteen "firsts" that this most tireless of all First Ladies had racked-up through the years.

Those councilors who advised FDR and the First Lady on all matters African-American were popularly known as "the Black Brain Trust"...

''While Brave Men Die'' (American Opinion, 1967)

"One terrible and overwhelming fact must be faced: Our soldiers and our pilots are being maimed and killed fighting a war that they are not being allowed to win. The Johnson Administration is not keeping faith with the men who must fight this war, with the half-million super-patriots, the half-million anti-Communists, who are fighting and dying in action against the forces of the International Communist Conspiracy."

Karl Marx Reviewed (NY Times, 1887)

To be sure, the book review of Das Kapital by Karl Marx that appeared in The New York Times in 1887 was very different from the review that same paper would give that book today. For this reviewer, Marx was one of the "advocates of chaos", and a "militant political economist":

"If he is anything, Karl Marx is a man in a towering rage. His paragraphs are replete with kicks and cuffs. He wants to slap your face if you are a bourgeois; to smash your skull if you are a capitalist."

Click here to read an article by Leon Trotsky.

''God and Alcoholics'' (Liberty Magazine, 1939)

"Somebody said the Lord's Prayer, and the meeting broke up. I walked three blocks to the subway station. Just as I was about to go down the stairs - BANG - It happened! I don't like that word miracle, but that's all I can call it. The lights in the street seemed to flare up. My feet seemed to leave the pavement. A kind of shiver went over me and I burst out crying...I haven't touched a drop since, and I've since set four other fellows on the same road."

Scalping: An Anglo-Saxon Practice (Sir! Magazine, 1961)

Congratulations: you found the goriest article on the site - it goes into some detail concerning the practice of scalping. The journalist insists that the Mohawk leader Joseph Brant (n Thayendanegea, 1743 1807) imparted this historic fact to his family, who, throughout the centuries, have told it to anyone who would listen - the info he relayed to them was that scalping was an English import, not native to the Americas. The article goes on to explain that this was one of those cases in which the pupil far surpassed the teacher and proceeds to list all the many ways the native population had inflicted scalping upon all her various enemies throughout North America.

A Pen-Picture of the Devastated Soviet Union (Collier's Magazine, 1941)

After touring thousands of miles with a German press-pass throughout Nazi-occupied Russia, American journalist Hugo Speck (1905 - 1970) gave a thorough picture of the violence visited upon that land by both Armies:

"German-occupied Russia is in rags and ruins; huge sweeps of European Soviet territory have been systematically destroyed, partly by the Russians themselves and partly by the devastation of Stukas, panzers, guns and fire..."

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