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''Outlines of Fascism'' (New Outlook Magazine, 1934)

"Will fascism come in the wake of the New Deal? The writer surveys its rapid post-war spread through Europe, reviews its origins in the writings of Pareto and Sorel and indicates steps that lead to its establishment."

An article about FDR's Alphabet Agencies can be read here...

An article that refutes the argument as to whether FDR was a fascist can be read here...

Mathew Brady at Antietam (NY Times, 1862)

An anonymous reviewer tells his readers about the mournful spirit that dominated each room at the Matthew Brady Gallery where he attended a unique exhibit of the photographer's Civil War pictures:

"At the door of his gallery hangs a little placard 'The Dead of Antietam'. Crowds of people are constantly going up the stairs; follow them...there is a terrible fascination about it that draws one near these pictures, and makes you loath to leave them. You will see hushed, reverend groups standing around these weird copies of carnage, bending down to look in the pale faces of the dead, chained by the strange spell that dwells in dead men's eyes."

It was on the first day at Gettysburg that the Confederates made a terrible mistake. Read about it here.

The Invention of Nylon (Pathfinder Magazine, 1938)

"Last week, two of the nation's leading manufacturers of synthetic textiles were taking important steps to woo the feminine heart from silk to synthetic hosiery. The E.I. Dupont de Nemours & Company announced that it had laid plans for construction of a new $7,000,000 plant near Seaford, Delaware, for manufacture of a new synthetic yarn called 'Nylon,' which, used in hosiery, was expected to compete successfully with all types of silk stockings."

Anticipating Multiculturalism (The Nation, 1915)

Horace M. Kallen (1888 - 1974) was a deep thinker who questioned the practice of "Americanization" (ie. assimilation). In this 1915 article, Kallen contended that although immigrants to American shores are required to develop allegiances to certain self-evident beliefs that are embraced throughout our republic - but outside of that, there is no reason that immigrants should not be able to maintain their own ethnic and cultural identities. In the Eighties, those who embraced this line of thinking preferred to call America a "salad bowl" as opposed to a "melting pot".

Christian Nationalism: the First Go-Round (Christian Herald Magazine, 1950)

We like to think that if the Christians who call themselves "Christian Nationalists" today were aware of what that term meant decades ago, they would immediately insist that the name be changed. The organization discussed in the attached article was the brainchild of Gerald L.K. Smith (1898 1976), a hate-filled man, an alleged minister of the Gospel, who denied the Jewishness of Christ and all His lessons.

Observations Concerning Comic Strips (Vanity Fair, 1923)

"From a study that covers practically all the comic sequences, I have roughly estimated that sixty percent deal with the unhappiness of married life, fifteen percent with other problems of the home, such as disagreeable children, and in the other fifteen is grouped a miscellany of tragic subjects - mental or social inferiority, misfortune and poverty. This last group contains a few subjects that carry no definite plan from day-to-day but are based on transient jokes such a Prohibition and the income tax."

''Impregnable Pearl Harbor'' (Collier's Magazine, 1941)

Six months before Japan's devastating assault on Pear Harbor came this article concerning how remarkable the Navy's defensive measures were and how unlikely it would be if the installation was ever to be attacked. A large part of the article concerned how overwhelmingly Japanese the Oahu population was, and the many steps taken by the Army and Navy to keep them off-base. How terribly unimaginative of them to think that Japanese Naval Itelligence wouldn't think to farm-out spying to an Englishman like Frederick Rutland - which they did.

An Interview With James Joyce (Vanity Fair, 1922)

James Joyce (1882 - 1941) refers to many different subjects in this 1922 interview, among them was Ulysses, his recently released book. The interview was written by Djuna Barnes (1892 - 1982); avant-garde writer, illustrator and playwright.

The 1922 New York Times review of Ulysses can be read here...

''The Separation of God and State'' (Christian Herald, 1963)

The attached article by Joseph Martin Hopkins, was most likely written in response to the 1962 Supreme Court decision in Engel v. Vitale. This decision stated that it is unconstitutional for state officials to compose an official school prayer and encourage its recitation in government schools. Hopkins had this to say:

"Is this what the Founding Fathers intended? It has been well stated that to the contrary, their concern was that the American people enjoy freedom of religion, not freedom from religion."

The Great Depression and the Failings of FDR (New Outlook Magazine, 1934)

The columnist whose opinions are attached bitterly pointed out that the first year of FDR's administration had marginalized the Congress - and further opined that Roosevelt's rhetoric clearly implied his arrogant conviction that his administration alone was the only alternative to out right revolution, and should therefore to be seen as a mandate of the people. The article lists the numerous failings of FDR's "New Deal".

CLICK HERE to read more criticism from FDR's loyal opposition...

When W.W. II began and the factories reopened, the reality of having money and full-time employment made so many people giddy with excitement it proved to be too much for them - click here to read about that...

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