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Bad-Boy Errol Flynn (Sir! Magazine, 1954)

There is no doubt that the Hollywood matinee idol Errol Flynn (1909 - 1959) was the Charlie Sheen of his day, and thanks to the unrelenting press control that the Hollywood studios exercised over the fan magazines of that day, we probably only know about a quarter of his assorted debaucheries. He was a masher and a lush, and the one law suit that the studio executives couldn't kill was

"the great case against him for statutory rape which, had it stuck, would have given him jail for fifty years. For weeks in 1942 it replaced the war news in the headlines."

In 1938, Flynn wrote an article in which he weakly defended the unique moral codes of Hollywood actors; you can read it here.


Haunted White House (Sir! Magazine, 1958)

In the 218-year history of the White House, only ten people have died within its walls - yet everyone who has ever perceived the presence of a ghost insists that the spirit was that of Abraham Lincoln (who died a few blocks to the east). President Eisenhower was no exception.


Scalping: An Anglo-Saxon Practice (Sir! Magazine, 1961)

Congratulations: you found the goriest article on the site - it goes into some detail concerning the practice of scalping. The journalist insisted that the Mohawk leader Joseph Brant (né Thayendanegea, 1743 – 1807) imparted this historic fact to his family, who, throughout the centuries, have told it to anyone who would listen - the info he relayed to them was that scalping was an English import, not native to the Americas. The article goes on to explain that this was one of those cases in which the pupil far surpassed the teacher and proceeds to list all the many ways the native population had inflicted scalping upon all her various enemies throughout North America.


Disaster at the Bay of Pigs (Sir! Magazine, 1962)

"The fiasco at the Bay of Pigs, began ten months earlier on a hot June [1960] morning in room 125 of the plush Commodore Hotel in midtown Manhattan. It was born in the classical fashion of the cloak and dagger intrigue. Five prominent former residents of Cuba, all anti-Castro and untainted by former dictator Batista, were instructed to arrive at the Commodore separately. There they were confronted by Roy Bender, a high-ranking agent of the CIA."


The Abortion Racket (Sir! Magazine, 1954)

A hard-charging investigative reporter from Sir! magazine exposed the morbid aspects of "the abortion racket" in this 1951 article that reported on the money-loving quack "doctors" who were responsible for killing 50,000 women each year in back-alley abortions; equally shocking was his report on the slaughter of half a million American babies throughout the country in 1954.


''My First Jump (Sir! Magazine, 1942)


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