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Have You Seen The Photography of John Jacobsen?


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Posted on the right is a 1945 editorial by an anonymous columnist at THE COMMONWEAL (New York) who not only condemned the use of the Atomic Bombs, but entirely regretted that it was the United States that created it in the first place:

"The general American reaction, then, is one of stunned disquiet. It is not jubilant, yet it contains almost no real feeling of guilt...But even assuming that it did save many lives, this should be balanced against the number of lives in the future which its use by us placed in jeopardy. And if this be done, we are confronted with an obligation to condemn what we ourselves did, an obligation to admit that our victory has been sadly sullied not only because we used this weapon but because we have tacitly acceded to use it."


Regretting the A-Bomb (Commonweal Magazine, 1945)

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