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CW Gen Custer
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A printable Civil War chronology from THE SOUTHERN REBELLION (1867) listing the major events that took place during 1862, the second year of the American Civil War.
The high hopes that both sides enjoyed during the previous year had entirely vanished, and were replaced instead by a sense of grim determination as all concerned rolled up their sleeves and faced a war that had no end in sight.

The year began with news of two Missouri Senators who were expelled from that body for their Rebel sympathies; among the many military engagements that marked that year, the most legendary were the battles of Shiloh, Fredericks burg and Antietam. "Monitor" and "Merrimac" had at it, General McClellan was replaced by General Halleck, and the year ended with Union General William Tecumseh Sherman occupying the city of Savannah.

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The Civil War in 1862 (Southern Rebellion, 1867)

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