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Having been encouraged by Goebels to show more than a little excitement about meeting Adolf Hitler, the German screen actress Renate Müller (1906 - 1937) recalled that during their time alone, the Führer slandered Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering for his gluttonous appearance:

"The Führer got up and stood before me...Suddenly he stretched out his hand in the Nazi salute. Straight and high. And he held it steady."

"Fräulein' he said in his harsh voice, 'I can keep my hand that way for two whole hours.'"

I was too amazed for words

"Fräulein', Hitler continued, 'when my Storm Troops parade before me I stand at the salute, I never get tired. That sheep Goering with his big belly and his soft hands - I enjoy watching him out of the corner of my eye . I stand straight and erect, but he wilts away after half an hour or even less. He collapses. He takes his hand down. He is played out. But not I. I stand like this For two whole hours if necessary. I am very proud I can outlast that sheep Goering by four times. I am four times better than that sheep Goering. Its true.'"

The entire story is told in a longer article about Hitler's wish for a wife.


Hitler Slams Goering for his Girth (Ken Magazine, 1938)

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