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Have You Seen These Images?


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The handsome piece of graphics posted above was designed by Charles Coiner for the "New Deal" administration of FDR. The blue eagle was the symbol of the National Recovery Administration (NRA), which was the primary element of the National Industrial Recovery Act passed by the Democratic-controlled congress in June of 1933. The NRA was created with the optimistic belief that it would be able to jump-start the broken economy by eliminating "unfair trade practices" (ie. competition) and stimulating employment by imposing a boat-load of laws and regulations on business. The journalist who penned this article maintained a sunny disposition when reporting on the first year of its implementation, preferring to ignore the fact that this Federal agency was driving businesses under and hindering commerce all across the land. Happily, the NRA was judged to have been unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1935 and was immediately dissolved; when that happened, FDR concocted a plan to "fix" that court - click here to read about that.

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In this third article, the N.R.A. fired thousands of aspiring film extras...


The Blue Eagle (Pathfinder Magazine, 1934)

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