old 1860s magazine articles
old 1860s magazine articles
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Rather than reading reviews and compilations that have been produced in the last decade or two, archives of magazine articles written during the Golden Age of Hollywood can provide today's readers with a more personal look into the past. Anyone who is interested in how the media portrayed celebrities can look back on archived magazine articles that were written about actors and actresses who starred in classic movies. Magazine articles from the time may reveal great similarities between the public's interests today and its interest nearly a century ago.

Magazine Article Archives for Reference

Though some may have an image of research as a stodgy profession, it is vital to a number of artistic ventures. For example, dramaturgs will often conduct research for theater companies to provide directors and designers with insight into the historical context and social climate in which a play is set. Productions that are set during the Golden Age of Hollywood may benefit from the information available in archives of articles from magazines like Vanity Fair and Film Spectator. Authors and playwrights may also make use of these magazine articles so that they can maintain verisimilitude in stories that involve historic figures or reference classic movies.

Researchers from all areas will find an extensive online article archive at OldMagazineArticles.com. The site features magazine articles about society, classic movies, and historical events like the sinking of the Titanic and Prohibition. While these articles do not have the luxury of hindsight, they can give an unmatched insight into the passions and perspectives of people who were living through monumental events.










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