Old Magazine Articles

Old Magazine Articles

Kids growing up today are likely to have no idea what it was like for previous generations to do research. Spending a day in the library to figure out how to operate microfilm and microfiche machines and then poring through old magazine articles has given way to entering a few words into a Google or Yahoo search. Just copy and paste! People are glad to be done with the bothersome task of research.

At OldMagazineArticles, we think this trend is a real shame. That's why we offer a site where the expedience of the Internet can help you get your research done faster, but the quality of the materials you'll find is far superior to basic encyclopedic entries. Our old magazine articles will give you a fresh, thorough, and nuanced perspective on a variety of historical events and periods.

Old Magazine Articles for Scholars, Writers, and History Enthusiasts
We welcome students, academics, armchair historians, and historical re-enactors from all over the world. Our authenic old magazine articles can also serve as resources for costume designers looking to craft historically accurate pieces, writers looking to add color to their fiction, and other creative types who seek accurate and detailed information to create context in their work. If you need information that you can't find on our site now, ask us about our research service.

Subjects range from WWI and WWII to sports and music, fashion and the Titanic. Our old magazine articles date back to the mid-19th century, with a vast number from the WWI era. All are available for free in PDF format.














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