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American English is Better than British
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From the pages of a 1922 issue of The Literary Digest came the attached review of The American Language (1921) by H.L. Mencken:

"...Americans show superior imaginativeness and resourcefulness; for example, "movie" is better than "cinema"...The American language offers a far greater variety of synonyms than ours; transatlantic equivalents for "drunk" are "Piffled, spifflicated, awry-eyed, tanked, snooted, stewed, ossified, slopped, fiddled, edged, loaded, het-up, frazzled, jugged and burned"

Read about the Canadian Preferences in English...

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Two Books from Amazon:


American English is Better Than U.K. English... (Literary Digest, 1922)

American English is Better Than U.K. English... (Literary Digest, 1922)

American English is Better Than U.K. English... (Literary Digest, 1922)

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