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1930s Food Shortages in Nazi Germany
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"Guns instead of butter!" was the slogan General Hermann Goering, Commissar, sounded for the Four Year Plan destined to control production and slash imports as an aid to the Reich's fantastic rearmament program."

"For the great mass of Germans, however, the most serious food shortage since the war cast a pall over Christmas. Housewives got orders to specify their favorite dairy store, and to patronize it exclusively. By prohibiting any shopping around, officials found it possible to limit the distribution of butter and other fats. A census of of the size of families has already been taken, and, beginning January 1, every housewife must limit fat purchases to at least 80 per cent of her October buying."


 Food Shortages in the Third Reich (Literary Digest, 1937)

 Food Shortages in the Third Reich (Literary Digest, 1937)

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