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Historical re-enactments are a lifelong passion for many participants. Typically, there is an annual event to look forward to, such as e a re-enactment of the Battle of Gettysburg on the battle site in Pennsylvania. For these events to be a thrilling success, significant research and preparation have to go into them for the details to be perfect.

Many people turn to magazine articles on the history of the event they'll be re-creating. At OldMagazineArticles.com, we host a collection that has served many historical societies in this regard. Whether you're a Civil War enthusiast, WWI buff, or you want to explore the fashions, music, and sports enjoyed by civilians in bygone days, our magazine articles can help.

History Magazine Articles in PDF Format
All of our materials are digital (PDF) reproductions of newspaper and magazine articles. We have many color photographs of things like military uniforms and insignia, so you will be better able to replicate them. We also have an extensive collection of material that relates to fashion and manners of the WWI era for those who want to imbue their performance with the ultimate in authenticity.

Our founder is dedicated to bringing history to life through materials that capture more than dates and names. If you are looking for rare and alternative sources for history and you don't find something you need on our site, talk to us about our research services. We'll scour magazine articles and other less common forms of media, and provide you with convenient digital files so that history can be fun and exciting for you.















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