old American Civil War magazine articles
old American Civil War magazine articles
American Civil War Images

The War Between the States

Nothing in American history has represented such a fissure in the Union as the tragedy of the Civil War. Many aspects of this bloody conflict continue to fuel scholarly and casual interest--from debating what the true causes of the war were to partaking in annual re-enactments of the most famous battles. At OldMagazineArticles.com, we bring it all back to life with our collection of civil war history magazine articles, reproduced directly from magazines and newspapers from the 1850s onward.

Groups across the country engage in recreations of Civil War battles. To those involved, attention to detail is everything, and specific moments are what make the days so moving and significant. Our civil war history magazine articles include first-hand accounts from soldiers and civilian witnesses, granting you unparalleled personal knowledge of what transpired.

Old Magazine Articles About the War Between the States

Civil war history was still very fresh in Americans' minds at the turn of the 20th century. We have a treasure trove of magazine articles from the early 1900s that look back at the war with a critical eye. Students of history will be extremely interested in these articles, some of which feature the first in-depth biographical studies of the men behind the war: Lincoln, Lee, Grant, Sherman, and Wilson.

All of the civil war history magazine articles on our site are free. We've scanned the original articles into PDF files, so they appear exactly as they did upon their first publication. We also have historic magazine articles that date back to the 1800s on a variety of topics from music to war to silent movies to fashion.









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