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There has never been a better way to search for magazine articles than online with OldMagazineArticles.com. Currently, our library focuses on a number of civil issues, as well as some articles on culture and society. For example, in addition to our Civil War, WWI, and WWII articles, we also collect magazine stories and interviews that deal with social issues surrounding African Americans in American history, and Jewish people and anti-Semitism worldwide over the last century.

Magazines often have a different perspective than newspapers or any other news medium. While radio, television, and newspapers often bow to their readers' or listeners' expectation that they be brief and concise (and in theory, objective), a magazine article is not governed by the same restrictions. Satire, personal opinion, colorful language, and greater depth and detail are all the purview of a magazine piece.

A Better Way: Magazine Article Search for Historical Materials
If you are doing a search for historical materials to enhance your writing or scholarship, perform a magazine article search on OldMagazineArticles.com. We have collected a variety of rare pieces that are chosen specifically for their unique perspective. Publications like Vanity Fair, The Nation, The Literary Digest, and The Independent were unafraid to take on the heaviest issues of their time.

We even go back to the American Civil War with PDF reproduction of magazine articles and newspaper clippings that give first-hand accounts of the effects of the War on our society. All of these materials are free to browse. If you have performed a magazine article search and are not getting what you need, shoot us an email to find out more about our research services and what we can do to help.













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