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Prohibition represents one of the most controversial eras in our country's judicial history. In fact, the only time that our Constitution has been amended and then re-amended centers around prohibition. In 1919, the Eighteenth Amendment was passed calling for nationwide prohibition, but that amendment was repealed by the Twenty-First Amendment in 1933.

So how did this happen? How did a document that freed the slaves, gave women the right to vote, and was drafted to preserve essential civil rights get embroiled in the matter of whether or not people could have a glass of wine? And just how embarrassing was it for Congress when they had to face the music and repeal the amendment?

Prohibition Magazine Articles for Academic Research
At OldMagazineArticles.com we offer a fascinating collection of prohibition-related magazine articles. From humorous pieces in Vanity Fair to incisive analysis in The Nation, these magazine articles can give you a perspective often missing in history books. Whether you are doing research for an academic pursuit or you are curious about this tumultuous time in our history, these free online magazine articles will paint you a more colorful picture of the social and political climate of the times.

For example, did you know that part of the reason prohibition was pushed was that people associated liquor with German ale-houses, and anti-German sentiment was growing due to WWI? As there are elements of society becoming increasingly ethnocentric and intolerant today, learning more about the complex nature of prohibition legislation may prove enlightening. All of our magazine articles are free and available in PDF format, so start reading and enjoy.














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