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Old Titanic Magazine Articles

Late in the evening of April 12, 1912, one of the greatest disasters of all time occurred when the RMS Titanic collided with an iceberg in the freezing waters of the Atlantic. The story has captured the minds of historians, engineers, ship enthusiasts, and many others ever since. OldMagazineArticles.com has collected a variety of old Titanic-related magazine and newspaper articles that shed light on the facts and human interest stories of that horrible night.

Our collection of old Titanic magazine articles gives scholars, writers, and historians easy access to rarely seen and hard to find information. You can also discover what the clothes and food were like, what music people were listening to, and how it would have felt to be onboard. All these articles are free and we have scanned them into PDF format for you.

Digital Copies of Old Titanic Magazine Articles
These magazine articles are replicated directly from the originals. Many focus on the aftermath of the sinking, giving scholars and hobbyists alike the chance to see how people of the time reacted to the disaster. Included in our collection is a series of heated letters between George Bernard Shaw and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, two of the most influential writers of the last century, debating the actions of the Titanic's crew.

The sinking of the Titanic has inspired countless retellings. There have been several hit motion pictures, television mini-series, and even two Broadway musicals! Yet nothing quite captures the drama like our collection of old magazine articles.














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