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Like the seasons, fashions also go in cycles. As long as the weather changes and men continue to have only two arms and two legs and his head remains firmly planted above the center of his chest, the fashion cycle is guaranteed. The reason for this is that there are only so many menswear designers in any given generation who are clever enough to upholster the male form and unproductive enough to seem cheerful about working within such a limited field with so few chances for true creativity.

A Menswear Fashion Reviews from Vanity Fair Magazine
Back to that "fashion cycle" remark. Pleats come in fashion and they go out of fashion and then they come in fashion again. Thats the way it works. The same can be said of trouser cuffs, vests, hats (proper hats, not baseball hats) and bow ties. We can expect that at some time point in our lifetime knickers and codpieces will be seen again on the fashionable boulevards of the world as well. Whether the glacial speed of the menswear fashion cycle is entirely due to the fickle personalities of the fashion client or the unimaginative nature of the designers, we cannot say; however, the word on the street is (as it always has been) that changes in men's fashion are slow in coming, slow in going and this unfortunate cycle is not likely to be altered anytime soon.

The changes that took place in men's fashions during the 1920s were necessary and hastened by the social earthquake that came with the reluctant realization that modern times had ushered in a deep sense of disillusionment following the end of a bloody, yet pointless war. One of the most striking fashion changes in menswear was a widespread belief that clothing should be a bit more comfortable. The Vanity Fair Magazine fashion reviews posted at OldMagazineArticles.com reflect this quite clearly and you can see that fashion's finger points to the low-cut dress shoe, not the high cut ankle boot; the soft cotton dress collar from the golfer's wardrobe were preferred to the high, starched one that Daddy wore; belts were trumping suspenders; good-bye tail coats, hello tuxedo. Bit by bit taboos were fading: clothing intended for the country, such as knickers, would soon be acceptable in town! and the cycle is continuing.














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