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For those who are interested in learning about America in the 1940s, Yank Magazine is a good place to start. The editors of Yank saw to it that their weekly magazine served two purpose: keep their army readers informed concerning all progress and changes within the army and to present these young readers with uplifting news and interviews from the homefront of World War Two.

The articles addressed aspects of 1940s American culture that pique our curiosity even to this day and for those of us living in the post 9/11 America, the Yank Magazine articles from WW 2 Hollywood lead us a bit closer to gaining a better understanding of that country our grandparents lived in and we are able to see the contrasts in a clearer light. What is nice is that the Yank writers did not condescend to their reader's intelligence: the interview with "Gone With the Wind" author Margret Mitchell clearly implied that waiting for her to write a second novel would be like leaving the porch light on for Abraham Lincoln.

1940s America
Having read more than our fare share of Yank magazine articles, it seems to us -the stuffed-shirts who lord over OldMagazineArticles.com, that Yank magazine portrayed the American WW 2 homefront in an accurate light. We have posted an article from one of their 1945 issues in which the writer Dashiel Hammett was interviewed just prior to his discharge from the army - at the age of 49. Such exuberant patriotism was typical of America in the forties; that such over-aged, over-achievers should feel the call to join the colors when they could just as easily sit it out. Yank recognized this was both unique and admirable and that it was being done each day in the America of World War Two.

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