old American Civil War magazine articles
old American Civil War magazine articles
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Civil War Articles

The American Civil War represents four long years in United States history in which famous battles were fought, important legislation was passed and many lives were lost. With over 600,000 military casualties, the "War Between the States" was the bloodiest war in U.S. history.

Search the Internet and you're bound to find a bevy of information on the Civil War, but how many of it is accurate? Which websites can you trust? If you're looking for authentic, reliable information that's enjoyable to read, rely on OldMagazineArticles.com. We have a large collection of magazine articles from the 1800s and early 1900s that give fascinating details on Civil War generals, battles and presidential leadership.

Civil War Articles from Prominent Publications

From the Battle of Gettysburg to General Sherman's March, we have old magazine articles that'll give you the Civil War information that you're looking for. If you're interested in Civil War reenactments, the articles on famous Civil War battles, as well as the articles detailing each year of Civil War history, will give you a lot of great material to take onto the field. Many of the articles were published in such respected publications as Famous Events, Southern Rebellion and The Nation. These articles may be more than a century old, but the information contained in their pages is as relevant as ever.

Here at OldMagazineArticles.com, the articles we carry are important in their own right. They represent the opinions and writing styles of years past, presenting an accurate snapshot of people, culture and events of the time. By offering you these free PDF files, we're keeping history alive and ensuring that these articles live on for future generations.




















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