Classic Hollywood Articles

The Golden Age of Hollywood marked the beginning of talkies--motion pictures that contained sound in contrast to the silent movies that preceded them. One of the first movies made during the Golden Age of Hollywood was The Jazz Singer, which was released in 1927. The Golden Age would continue through the 1950s. While some might think that the classic movies produced during Hollywood's Golden Age are primitive by today's standards, they featured significant advancements compared to the silent movies that were made in the 1920s--and some of the stories told are considered to be among the greatest in film and literature. Most of the movies made during the Golden Age were produced by one of five studios:

  1. RKO
  2. MGM
  3. Warner Brothers
  4. Paramount
  5. And Fox

American Life During the Golden Age of Hollywood

Thousands of movies were produced during this period in Hollywood, some of which have become classic movies. Among the most important movies that were made during the Golden Age of Hollywood are Citizen Kane, Gone with the Wind, It's a Wonderful Life, and Casablanca. In addition to contributing to the entertainment that people enjoyed at the time, the five studios employed thousands of people. The influx of movies from Hollywood came at a welcome time, with the height of the Great Depression occurring in the early 1930s and many Americans searching for escapist entertainment.

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