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Searching for magazine articles online lets students and interested parties look back on significant occasions from the past. It also lets them see how society has changed over the years. One of the mainstays in magazine articles is coverage of Hollywood films. From the silent pictures of the 1920s to the Golden Age of Hollywood and into today, magazines have always provided extensive coverage of movie productions, interviews with the stars, and reviews of the films. While fairly recent editions of these magazines may be available in online archives, these sources often do not cover the movies from the earlier part of the twentieth century.

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In addition to being used for academic research, online magazine articles about Hollywood's Golden Age may be able to guide designers, costumers, writers, and producers creating plays or films set in that time period. Costume designers, for example, may look at the fashions that were popular both in movies and among the celebrities from this time period. Those who have an interest in fashion and design may also look to these articles to learn how styles have evolved and how the designs of the past have inspired those of today.

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