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Hollywood movies have always been a reflection of public sentiment about current affairs. By examining which movies were produced--and which became hits or flops--today's researchers can gain insight into yesterday's events. For example, during the Golden Age of Hollywood, a number of movies were made in which war was central to the plot, like Hell's Angels, Sergeant York, and Memphis Belle. During World War II, such movies were able to unite Americans.

Research Topics Related to Hollywood Movies

In addition to examining how Hollywood movies reflect prevailing social views, researchers may also be interested in learning about the people involved in producing these motion pictures.

  • With thousands of movies made during the Golden Age of Hollywood, a number of actors and actresses emerged, some of whom would become renowned stars.
  • Fans of Hollywood history may want to explore the relationships that emerged among different actors and actresses, some of whom would work together in multiple pictures.
  • In addition to the actors and actresses in Hollywood movies who were the topics of a number of magazine articles, many stories chronicled the roles of producers, directors, and the movie studios.

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