World War Articles

There are a number of angles from which researchers can approach World Wars I and II, for which they may need original articles to serve as primary sources of information. In introductory history classes, students may be required to prepare papers on the factors that contributed to the start of WWI or WWII. In more advanced classes, they may examine the ways in which propaganda was employed by different countries and how it contributed to their citizens' responses to the World Wars. Even students in design classes may find themselves researching the World Wars to learn about the ways in which military uniforms have changed over time.

The Benefits of Using Original World War I and II Articles

For many of these topics, access to original articles from the period is essential to researchers. By returning to the original articles that were published at the time of the Great War and WWII, researchers can study history from the perspective of those who were living at the time. Rather than turning to modern compilations and possibly getting a revisionist slant, researchers can read historic articles to draw their own conclusions and become more immersed in the research process.

At, researchers and re-enactors can find a wealth of material from the times surrounding the Great War and World War II. In addition to the articles and posters from WWI and WWII, they can find articles about automotive history, architecture and music, giving them insight into the inspiration for many of the great works they can encounter in the arts.