Modernism Articles

A number of artistic movements have taken place under the umbrella of modernism, and old magazine articles can provide hobbyists and academic researchers with a glimpse at these styles as they emerged. Modernism as a movement began in the late nineteenth century and continued into the early part of the twentieth century. In addition to having an impact on American and European artists, modernism also affected the architecture, music, and literature created during this period in time. Modernism entered the mainstream following World War I and would serve as the inspiration for other artistic movements, such as expressionism and Dada.

Topics Discussed in Modernism Articles

Given the widespread influence of modernism, a number of topics were discussed by modernists in magazine articles. Concerns about staid traditions in art, as well as other aspects of life such as the family unit and styles of architecture, were often debated in modernist articles that appeared in American magazines. This style of thinking, which pushed the envelope beyond the perceived limits, would impact society not only through art, but also through economics, philosophy, and politics. Magazines that published these articles included The Spectator, Literary Digest, and Vanity Fair.

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