Religious Articles

While the foundation of a religion and the beliefs on which it is based may be immutable, articles from different periods can reveal how religion's effect on society has changed over time. Even beyond how the beliefs of the religion are interpreted by members of society, different religious groups may also be involved in historic events or be affected by those events in ways that touch the whole world. By examining religious articles that have been written at different points in time, such as during World War I and World War II, researchers can examine the interplay between spiritual beliefs and historic occasions.

Historic Articles About Different Religious Groups

There are a number of religious groups about which researchers can find articles. Some articles describe beliefs about the afterlife held by groups like Catholics and Jews. Others may cover conflicts among religious groups. These articles may include perspectives from the different groups involved, explore sources of the conflicts, or shed light on social factors that have exacerbated the conflicts. In addition to the larger religious groups like Jews, Catholics, and Muslims, articles may discuss smaller religious movements. These movements, which may have originated from a larger group or have formed independently of major religious groups, may be of interest to writers, students, researchers, and teachers.

At, readers can find a large selection of religious articles that have been compiled from sources including Atlantic Monthly and Literary Digest. Many of the articles available date back to the beginning of the twentieth century, allowing scholars and those with an interest in different religions to understand how groups may have changed over time.