Old Hollywood Articles

Those who want to know more about the glamour and glitz of Old Hollywood can learn a lot about the period by perusing articles that were written during the time. There were a number of fascinating periods through which Old Hollywood progressed. Silent movies were prevalent through the 1920s, when they gave way to the Golden Age of Hollywood. During this era of Old Hollywood, the majority of films was produced by five major movie studios: RKO, Warner Brothers, Fox, Paramount, and MGM. The films that were produced during the Golden Age of Hollywood often conformed to specific types. Film noir, westerns, comedies, and war-time films were some of the genres that were common in Old Hollywood. With the advent of television and the Hollywood blacklist, the Golden Age came to an end in the in the late 1940s.

Learn About Old Hollywood with Online Versions of Magazine Articles

Just as a considerable amount of press today is dedicated to entertainment and celebrities, yesterday's magazines often reported on celebrities in Old Hollywood. Magazine stories abound about stars such as Jean Harlow and Rita Hayworth, as well as studio executives like Howard Hughes. Some of these magazine articles have been preserved in libraries and online, letting researchers and hobbyists easily learn more about this period.

In addition to the numerous magazine articles about Old Hollywood that are available online at OldMagazineArticles.com, readers will also find articles on topics like architecture, music, science, and religion. The articles, available as PDF files, can be viewed at no cost or printed for a small fee.