Online Religious Articles

Though the Christian faiths continue to be the most popular in the United States, magazine articles from the past can help explain differences among specific religious groups. While all Christian faiths believe in the teachings and divinity of Jesus, different religious groups may have different interpretations of the scriptures. Among the religious groups whose members identify themselves as Christians are Protestants, Roman Catholics, Methodists, and Anglicans. In addition to those who identify themselves as Christians, there has also been a rise in the prominence of Christian evangelical groups such as Jews for Jesus.

Find Magazine Articles About Christians and Other Religious Groups

Religious magazine articles from the present and past can offer important insight into the views of Christian groups, Jewish groups, and other religious movements.

  • Magazine articles may offer opinions and interpretations from members of a religious movement about specific events in history.
  • Other articles may discuss the conflict that exists between different religious groups, including the areas where the beliefs differ and how those differences have manifested.
  • Articles may also discuss the impact that organized religious groups have had on social causes.
  • In addition to being found in magazines that have a religious focus, these articles may also be found in popular magazines like Atlantic Monthly, Literary Digest, and Vanity Fair. offers a wide selection of articles covering the views of different religious groups, from Jewish Americans to Muslim Americans. In addition to offering a number of religious articles, the website maintains a selection of original articles about art and society.