Religious Magazine Articles

A large percentage of Americans identify themselves as Catholics, and researchers can find a number of articles about how their faith has shaped our society. While the majority of citizens in the United States identify themselves as Christians, only a fraction of these are Catholics. Of Christians, though, Catholics make up the largest single religious denomination.

Religion affects more than just a person's theological beliefs; it also affects the believer's feelings about a number of social issues. Some may attribute strong opinions about social topics including the proper role of the government, personal freedoms, and foreign policies to their beliefs about God. Some religious groups can exert pressure on government leaders by organizing their members. Many people today aren't aware of how divided the country was about electing JFK, our first Catholic president, because of the influence they feared the Pope would have over his decisions.

Learn About Catholics in Society Through Old Magazine Articles

Anyone who is interested in learning how different religious groups have responded to historic events or social issues can do so by perusing old magazine articles. Researchers, whether they are students or hobbyists, can find articles that were written by or about Catholics, other Christians, and members of other faiths. While some libraries may not maintain extensive collections of articles, and while most students today have little interest in dealing with microfiche, researchers may be able to find worthwhile old articles about theology and the social impact of religious beliefs online. offers a large selection of articles on topics ranging from conflicts within religious groups to strife that exists between different groups.