Religious Theology Articles

Readers interested in learning more about Christian faiths may wish to study theology articles. Theology involves the study of religion from a spiritual perspective, in contrast to the field of religious studies, which approaches religion from an objective and secular point of view. While magazine articles explore Christianity from a historic or social perspective, Christian readers who want to examine their faith will find a number of relevant articles written by other Christians.

Topics Raised in Christian Theology Articles

There are a number of questions that Christians may ask themselves and issues where they would like to gain a deeper understanding. They may, for example, wonder whether spiritual leaders can give them insight into what God's plan might have been when events occurred in the past. They may also like the feeling of solidarity that comes from reading opinion pieces about everything from marriage to government. By studying Christian theology, readers may be able to formulate new opinions that are better-educated and more fulfilling.

In addition to helping believers better understand their own religions, articles can provide readers with information about religions that are different from their own. A saddening number of conflicts around the world have arisen due to differences in religious beliefs. Articles from past periods may reveal that Christianity and other religions have more in common than the people of the time would have believed. provides an online collection of articles about different religious faiths, including Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam. In addition to articles that provide information about these religions, the website also has articles that interpret historic events and figures within the context of spiritual beliefs.