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Academic historians and students are not the only ones who have an interest in researching the Great War. In addition to scholarly pursuits, there are a number of re-enactors around the country who recreate historic moments from WWI, such as the German invasion of Belgium in August of 1914 and the Second Battle of the Sambre in November of 1918. Some re-enactors take part in these events as a tribute to the soldiers who participated in the Great War. Younger generations may take part in reenactments on the paintball field, participating in scenarios that make for exciting tactical challenges.

Use History Articles from the Great War for Research Purposes

Whatever the reason, individuals researching the history of WWI can take advantage of archives that contain original materials. These original materials can provide detailed insight into the impact that the Great War had on the soldiers involved in the battles, as well as on society in general. In addition to articles that were published in periodicals at the time, memoirs from soldiers may also be available for researchers' reference. These articles can be difficult to locate. While some may be contained in libraries that maintain extensive archives, other primary sources may surface only at estate sales.

Researchers who do not have the time to scour the country searching for articles about the history of the Great War can turn to The website maintains a collection of articles and artwork from the time of World War I, as well as the American Civil War and World War II.