World War One British History

There are any number of facets to WWI history that researchers may find themselves exploring in the course of their scholarly work or for their own edification. Some may want to learn about the changes that were taking place in Great Britain at this point in history, while others may choose to focus on soldiers' experiences in World War One. While textbooks are one source of information on the history of WWI, researchers can gain a more dynamic, subjective perspective by reading articles written around the time of World War One. Though some of the information contained in WWI articles may mirror that found in today's history textbooks, researchers can take stock of the bias that writers from the time may have had or get to the root of today's revisionist histories.

Learn About WWI History Through Posters

Analyzing the posters that were created to generate support for the war effort can offer a glimpse into how people in Great Britain and the United States felt at the time. In addition to studying these posters, today's researchers can read commentaries of them that were published at the time in magazines such as The Literary Digest and Vanity Fair. While the images used in some of the WWI posters are immediately recognizable, researchers may be less familiar with how the posters were interpreted at the time of their release.

At, researchers and re-enactors will find original history articles about WWI, WWII, Prohibition, and women's suffrage. Researchers can view the original articles at no cost or print them for a small fee.