Online World War II Articles

By browsing online articles, academic and casual researchers can compile information from a greater number of sources. Since they don't need to visit multiple libraries and bookstores to obtain their references, gathering sources can take much less time than it did in the past. While research can be conducted faster with the aid of the Internet, conscientious researchers must also exercise more caution.

Find the Original Sources of Online Articles

Regardless of their level of knowledge about a particular event (such as the circumstances surrounding the United States' decision to enter World Wars I and II), anyone can post their beliefs and interpretations on a website. An opinion being put forth online, however, does not have the requisite legitimacy for scholarly research. Before online sources are used for research and learning, the legitimacy of the claims should be investigated more thoroughly. Often, this involves examining the sources that were cited--if there were any.

Researchers can put more faith in online articles that are reproductions of older publications. These original articles, whether they are from the time of Prohibition or World War II, let readers examine important moments in United States history from the perspectives of those alive when the events were unfolding. While history may have later proved some assertions inaccurate, these online articles offer invaluable insight--and even their biases are an integral part of history.

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