World War One Articles

Whether students and researchers are exploring how the role of corporations changed in response to World War One or the role that different ethnic groups played in the struggle, they can gain insight from magazine articles that were published during the time. These resources can be difficult to find. While some collections of letters and articles may be available in university libraries or libraries in major metropolitan areas, they will not be accessible to all researchers or re-enactors. Such articles can, however, make a substantial contribution to the research that is being conducted, making it worthwhile to track them down elsewhere.

Types of Articles from World War One

World War One and World War II had a far-reaching impact on society. While secondary sources can offer a hint of how the struggle affected different groups, students, re-enactors, and researchers who want to gain a greater understanding of the people involved can learn more by turning to original sources. Those who want to see the role that science played may examine articles relating to inventions and weapons from World War One. Authors writing stories that involve a great battle may turn to interviews and memoirs. Historians or economists may see parallels between the role of the United States during World War One, World War II, and in current struggles.

With the resources available at, researchers can explore World War One and World War II from many angles. In addition to a large selection of articles, they will find artwork from these periods and other significant times in the history of the United States.