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History articles enable generations to look back at important events and see how they shaped society. Significant social and political reforms in Great Britain occurred at the same time that WWI was taking place. While one may not have caused the other, researchers looking at history articles today can draw their own conclusions about correlations.

Learning About the Role of Great Britain in WWI from History Articles and Books

Students and re-enactors interested in the facts of history can turn to textbooks and other secondary sources of information. For example, if they want to understand the reasons Great Britain entered WWI or learn about the aftermath of WWI on British society, history books can provide the objective information. Primary sources of information like historic articles, on the other hand, are written from the perspective of writers who lived through the events. Its their subjective nature that makes them so fascinating and so revealing. In addition to history articles that have appeared in periodicals, primary materials like memoirs, correspondence, and government documents can also provide insight into other eras. These documents may reflect the attitudes and perceptions that were prevalent at the time, adding a crucial human dimension to facts.

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