Online Magazine Articles

Students researching and writing about World War II can enhance their assignments by reading articles that were written around the time of the war. While textbooks can provide students with basic information, such as the underlying causes for World War II and the dates of key battles, they may provide little insight into how the war affected the people of the time. In contrast, articles that were published in period magazines emphasize the social commentary of the time. They allow today's readers to better understand the zeitgeist of this tumultuous period in history.

Search Online for World War II Articles

Students can begin their information search online, scouring online archives of magazines like Vanity Fair that were active during World War II and still exist today.

  • While researchers can search for many magazines on the Internet, the publishers often do not have an extensive archive of past issues available online.
  • Students in high schools and universities may be able to search their schools' libraries for electronic resources or special collections.
  • If they are able to locate electronic copies of articles from World War II, they can create organized folders on their computers or print copies of the articles for convenient reference.

At, visitors will find a vast selection of articles from World War II on topics ranging from Japanese internment to the weapons used in battles. The website also offers a selection of historic articles on topics ranging from the American Civil War to European royalty.