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Benito Mussolini

The Fascisti (Current Opinion, 1921)

A tight little essay that clarifies the force behind Italian fascism. This was an editorial penned by Dr. Frank Crane, a pastor who appeared regularly in the pages of CURRENT OPINION.

"The Fascisti is a name given to a political party in Italy. Political parties, and indeed almost all organizations, as has often been pointed out, hold together and get their strength by hating something. The Fascisti hate the Bolshevists, Communists and the like."


Fascism's Triumph Explained by Italian-American Journalists (Literary Digest, 1922)

At the request of THE LITERARY DIGEST editors, a number of Italian-language journalists working in North America were asked to explain the great success that the Italian Fascists were experiencing in 1922 Italy. This article lists an enormous number of Italian language newspapers that existed in the United States at that time; virtually every medium-sized to large American city had one. We were surprised to find that the most pro-Mussolini Italian-American newspaper operating in the U.S. was located in New York City.

Click here to read about the origins of Fascist thought...


The King of Italy Smiles on the Fascists (The Literary Digest, 1922)

This 1922 news column reported that Benito Mussolini had been granted power by the Italian King:

"King Victor Emanuel of Italy has invited the leader of Fascisti, Benito Mussolini, to form a cabinet to replace the Facta Ministry".


Who Was Mussolini? (Pathfinder Magazine, 1937)

A semi-flattering profile of Benito Mussolini that explains his difficult childhood and the periodic beatings he suffered at the hands of his Marxist father. No references are made to his favorite pastimes - beating up editors and closing newspapers:

"Significantly, his god is Nietzsche, the German philosopher who wrote: 'Might makes right.'"

You can read about his violent death here...

Fascist Rome fell to the Allies in June of 1944, click here to read about it...


Who Are the Italian Fascists? (The Literary Digest, 1921)

"There have been other 'Fasci' before the present, for the word, derived from Latin 'fascia' (a bandage), means any league or association. Thus, the association of laborers and sulfur-workers, that caused the agrarian agitation in Sicily in 1892, were called Fasci... the essence of the word being the close union of different elements in a common cause that binds them all together. Each 'Fascio' possesses so-called 'squadre de azione' (squadrons of action), composed of young men who have mostly served in the war. Each of these 'squadrons' has a commandant, named by the directing council of the particular Fascio."

In Milan there existed a general committee that supervised all these yahoos, but by enlarge, each local Fascio was free to do as they saw fit within their own domains. The earliest 'Fasci di Combattimento' were created in 1919 by Mussolini, who at the time enjoyed some popularity as the editor of the Il Popolo d'Italia. The Fascists saw the destruction of Italian socialism as their primary job.


The Black-Shirt Revolution (The Nation, 1922)

A report by Carleton Beals on Italy's new order:

"The strong state has arrived in Italy. It has been on the road ever since the failure of the factory seizures in September, 1920."


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