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The Cold War - Spies

The Early CIA (Coronet Magazine, 1951)

"The CIA is a young and relatively untested child in the strange world of intelligence. The enemy dourly accuses it of 'Black Warfare.' But there is definite proof of its success. Radio Moscow never misses a chance to scream shrilly of 'the extended spy network of the Wall Street mercenaries.'"

"The CIA formula avoids the fog of rumor that fills any world capital, and goes straight to the hard facts of the enemy's economy, production, transportation, raw materials and manpower. A modern war must be organized, much of it in the open, long in advance. Guns must be manufactured; munitions, food, and raw materials stockpiled; railways and roads expanded and soldiers trained. The allocation of scarce Soviet-controlled steel is far more important than the minutes of the Politburo."

In 1958, Fidel Castro wrote an article for an American magazine in which he thoroughly lied about his intentions; click here to read it.


The Hiss-Chambers Case (Pathfinder Magazine, 1949)

This is a report concerning how the Hiss/Chambers perjury trial was proceeding before the jury. The journalist pointed out that Hiss' attorney, Lloyd Paul Stryker, was repeatedly making slanderous remarks about the character of Whitaker Chambers - an indication that the facts were simply not on the side of the defendant.


Highlights of Soviet Espionage: 1949 - 1953 (People Today, 1953)

Well-illustrated, pithy and informative, this article will get you up to speed on some of the espionage triumphs of the Soviet GRU (the military intelligence arm of the former "worker's paradise"). The article refers to where their agents trained before their American and Canadian deployments, what they were taught, and how big the GRU was. Of even greater interest were the parts of the article that referred to their "Atomic spies" and the variety of traitors and turncoats they were able to attract.


Berlin Becomes the Center of Global Espionage (See Magazine, 1948)

"ESPIONAGE is big business in Berlin and has it's painstaking, pecuniary bureaucracy. It is practiced by small fry (who is willing to procure for you anything from the latest deployment plan of the Red Army to a lock of Hitler's hair) and by big-time operators who deal nonchalantly and lucratively in international secrets."


Judith Coplon in Federal Court (Pathfinder Magazine, 1949)

FBI agents arrested Judith Coplon (1921 – 2011: Soviet code name "Kompid") on March 4, 1949 in Manhattan as she met with Valentin Gubitchev, a NKVD official employed at the United Nations, while carrying what she believed to have been secret U.S. government documents in her purse. Hoover's G-Men FBI were certain that Coplon, a secretary at the Federal Justice Department, was colluding with the Soviet agents in Washington but to prove their case conclusively would compromise an ongoing counter-espionage project called the "Venona Project". The failure to prosecute this case successfully began to shed doubt upon the FBI director and his credibility in matters involving Soviet spy-catching.- read about that here...

Years later Coplon's guilt was made clear to all when the Venona cables were released. However our laws mandate that it is illegal to try a suspect twice for the same crime and she was released.


A Spy Within the CPUSA (Pathfinder Magazine, 1949)

These seven paragraphs from THE PATHFINDER magazine served to introduce their readers to Herbert Philbrick (1915 - 1993) and his efforts to expose the subversive elements within the Communist Party U.S.A..

For nine years Philbrick labored as an F.B.I. mole deep within the Cambridge Youth Council, the Young Communist League and the CPUSA until he made good his resignation by serving as a surprise government witness at a conspiracy trial in which numerous high profile American Reds were indicted (among them William Z. Foster, Eugene Dennis, Robert George Thompson, Gus Hall, Henry Winston, and ex-New York councilmember Benjamin Davis).


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