Modernism Magazine Articles

After visiting a modern art museum and becoming interested in the ideas that led to the creation of different pieces, visitors may be interested in researching them through magazine articles. Modernism emerged more than a century ago and encompassed artistic movements like cubism and surrealism. Those visiting modern art museums today and seeing such pieces for the first time may be far removed from the social and historical circumstances that existed when the artists created their work. While these factors may not account for all the inspiration that modern artists experienced, they can provide interested parties with some enlightening context.

Read Magazine Articles to Understand the Social and Historical Context of Modern Art

By reading magazine articles, whether original printed copies or online reproductions, researchers can learn much about the conditions under which modern art was created.

  • Not all artists subscribed to the ideas put forth by modernism. Magazine articles may reveal the ideological conflicts that existed between different groups of artists.
  • Examining articles from different periods in time can show how modern art has evolved.
  • Individuals interested in art can learn about the predictions made by social commentators in the past to see if they have been realized today.

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