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Hollywood History

               Hollywood History Film Clips

Traveling Movie Theaters (Click Magazine, 1944)

"Two million Americans have as their principal form of visual entertainment nomad movies, run by some 3000 road-showmen who present their motion pictures in tents, auditoriums or churches. Few city folks realize that this is the way in which entertainment is brought to about 5000 U.S. towns of less than 1000 population... Road-showmen say that the favorite shows are fast-action westerns and occasional comedies. Mushy love scenes are box-office poison among their clientele. During harvest seasons, when customers can best afford the ten to twenty-five cents admission charge, these showmen take in between $75.00 and $150.00 a week."

These were not the only traveling entertainers during the Thirties: the Federal Theater Project also sent hoards of players throughout the nation to amuse and beguile - you can read about that here

Click here to read about Marilyn Monroe and watch a terrific documentary about her life.


Thoughts on the American Films of 1941 (Direction Magazine, 1941)

Here is a film review from DIRECTION MAGAZINE that discussed many of the forthcoming movies of 1941 and how they so rarely depict American culture in an accurate light:

"In bringing back the usual revelations from a trip through the Middle West, I want to repeat the oft-declared amazement that American films... reflect the barest minimum of the American scene in these United States. The rare attempts of the "Grapes of Wrath" and "Primrose Path" to seek and show new dramatic settings, are the exceptions that prove the rule of formula."
Many of the American films of 1941 are listed herein and the article can be printed.


Enter, Esther Williams (Collier's Magazine, 1942)

"There is a new girl out at MGM in Culver City named Esther Williams (1921 - 2013), who is a cross between Lana Turner and a seal...Miss Williams happens to be that fortunate thing known as 'a knockout' - in looks and one of the greatest swimmers in the world."

Click here to read about Marilyn Monroe and watch a terrific documentary about her life.


Lucille Ball Gets Noticed (Pic Magazine, 1940)

Among all the many lovelies who resided in the Hollywood of 1940, the wide-awake editors of PIC MAGAZINE singled-out Lucille Ball (1911 1989) as the one to watch:

"Barring accidents, Lucille Ball tomorrow will occupy the spot now disputed by Carol Lombard, Joan Crawford and Ginger Rogers - as First Lady of Hollywood. Lucille deserves to get it and she has what it takes to get there. The red-headed ex-chorus girl has talent, ability looks, personality and willingness to take every punishment on her way up."

You can click here to read about I Love Lucy here


Natalie Wood (Coronet Magazine, 1960)

This is one of the first profiles of Hollywood beauty and former child star Natalie Wood (1938 1981).

The journalist went into some details explaining how she was discovered at the age of five by the director Irving Pichel (1891 1954) and how it all steadily snowballed into eighteen years of semi-steady work that provided her with a invaluable Hollywood education (and subsequently creating a thoroughly out-of-control teenager).

"At sixteen, Natalie co-starred with the late James Dean in "Rebel Without a Cause", and the resulting Dean hysteria swept her forward with him... She cannot bear to be alone. She is full of reasonless fears. Of airplanes. Of snakes. Of swimming in the ocean."


Guess Whose Coming to Hollywood... (Coronet Magazine, 1959)

The Coronet entertainment writer was quite correct when he identified Sidney Poitier (1927 - 2022) as the first actor of African descent to earn beaucoup bucks and achieve leading-man status in dramatic rolls in Hollywood. Born and raised in the Bahamas, Poitier's predecessors in the film colony were many, but they were all song and dance men. The attached column clearly outlines what made Poitier such an actor apart.

Before there was Sidney Poitier, there was "Farina"...


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