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China - Twentieth Century - Sino-Japanese Wars

The Japanese Soldier (Literary Digest, 1933)

An article that seems remarkable for lacking those politically correct qualities we're all so used to reading in today's magazine columns, this article presents a somewhat slanted, pro-Western vision of the Japanese Army, depicting it as an organized and highly disciplined peasant army:

"Some of the finest raw material in the world makes up Japan's infantry...The material is not so adaptable for horsed and mechanized units, as the Japanese possess little natural aptitude for dealing with animals or machines."

Some attention is paid to the strict diet of the Japanese soldier.

Click here to read a 1945 assessment of the World War II Japanese soldier.


Nanking Falls (The Literary Digest, 1937)

"'Exactly four months after the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese hostilities on the Shanghai peninsula' a NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE correspondent cabled from Shanghai last week, 'Nanking, China's abandoned capital, for the third time in it's more than 2000 years of history, was captured by an alien foe when the Japanese military forces completely occupied the city.' ...To this, Quo Taichi, Chinese ambassador to England, replied defiantly: 'Capture of Nanking will by no means mark the end of China's resistance.'"


Nanking Sacked (Ken Magazine, 1938)

"The occupation of Nanking by the Japanese army in December, 1937, resulted in the greatest authenticated massacre in modern history."

"Fifty thousand blood-crazed beasts in Japanese uniforms roamed China's fallen capital for four weeks in a mad Saturnalia of butchery, rape and pillage without parallel in modern history. That story, suppressed by the Japanese military who chased news correspondents and foreign officials out of Nanking, is told for the first time by one of the few Americans who remained, a 'go-between' for the U.S. Government with 20 years of service in China. He saw roped bundles of humanity saturated with gasoline and ignited for a Nipponese holiday."


Japan's China Poicy (Literary Digest, 1935)

"What was called a Japanese 'Monroe Doctrine for Asia' whereby Japan would wield dominance there, especially in Chinese affairs, was announced last April, and drew the immediate attention of the world's press."

"In the last days of this January a following-up of this intention was seen in a series of talks at Nanking between Chiang Kai-shek, President and Generalissimo of the Nationalist Government of China, and Lieutenant-General Soshiyuki Suzuki, Japanese military representative at Shanghai; and among Akira Ariyoshi, Japanese Minister to China, and General Chiang and Premiere Wang Ching-wei."


Eyes on Chiang Kai-Shek (Ken Magazine, 1938)

"Before the war was hours old, Chiang's most secret plans were known to the Japs. Again and again Jap actions showed foreknowledge of Chiang's movements and stratagems, as discussed and decided with his most trusted leaders. This explains many mysterious incidents, and makes China's apparent 'spy complex' fully understandable."


Japan's Puppet (Literary Digest, 1936)

A brief notice reporting on Prince Teh Wang (Prince Demchugdongrub 1902 - 1966), ruler of Inner Mongolia, who, in an attempt to create an independent Mongolia, simply ruled as an appeaser of Imperial Japan:

"While Prince Teh's position, as a Japanese puppet, can scarcely be less comfortable than it was before , Japan has a grip on the bottle-neck controlling a vast, ill-defined hinterland of North China; and has as well a buffer State between her own influence and that of the Soviets."


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