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World War Two - 1930s Military Buildup

Diplomacy Goes South (Pathfinder Magazine, 1939)

Eight months prior to the day when W.W. II would commence, diplomatic relations between Berlin and Washington got ugly; the carefully controlled German press declared that matters between the two camps "were at their lowest point since 1917". Hitler's diplomats demanded apologies and the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee clarified the American position by stating that the American people have a general dislike for Fascism. The Department of the Navy announced that it was expanding its presence in the Atlantic.


The Arms Race (Pathfinder Magazine, 1937)

"Stirred by [the] Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931 and by subsequent German scrapping of the Versailles Treaty, military experts of every nation have been altering the smallest details of army life to make their forces bigger, faster and more deadly than those of their neighbors."

"Nowhere was there any indication that the pace of armaments might slacken. No nation gave any sign of dropping out of the race."


More Babies, Please (Pathfinder Magazine, 1937)

"Italy, Germany and Russia, leading exponents of Europe's Fascist and Communist camps, have each asked for more prolific mothers and decreed measures designed to fetch in the bambini, kinder and kodomos. Their dictator's desires for more babies and still more babies have developed into a population race."

Click here to read about the Nazi struggle to increase their birthrate...


Beefing Up (Newsweek Magazine, 1939)

"Displaying an almost seismographic sensitivity to foreign rumblings and domestic tremors alike, Congress last week hastened to put United States defenses in shape for any eventuality."


The Era of the Dictators (Pathfinder Magazine, 1937)

"If necessity can be called the mother of invention, then deep public dissatisfaction can be called the mother of the authoritarian or 'totalitarian' state. In Europe, the [First] World War resulted in post-war conditions that walked arm-in-arm with profound social change. The aftermath was a great political and economic headache that grew slowly in intensity until it lead people to embrace anything that promised a cure... In Europe there are no less than 11 nations operating under systems far removed from democracy as we know it in this country."


America Prepares... (Pathfinder Magazine, 1941)

By late November, 1941, only children and the clinically optimistic were of the mind that America would be able to keep out of a war - as you'll be able to assume when you read the attached article that appeared on the newsstands just ten days before the attack on Pearl Harbor. It extolls the industrial prowess of the United States as the country prepared for war:

"William S. Knudson (1879 1948), Director of the OPM, declared U.S. arms output will soon 'assure Hitler's defeat'. Proof of this claim was seen in the celebration in New Haven, Connecticut, of one company's production of it's 10,000th machine-gun within a year of the time the contract was signed to build a plant."

"The launching of the 35,000-ton battleship INDIANA at Newport News, Virginia, the third battleship to come off the ways this year, indicated the increased tempo of defense production, which Admiral Land, of the Maritime Commission, said neared 'superhuman'."


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